Rapcon visit to Florida

When you leave Orlando and the temperature is 20+ degrees with wonderful clear blue skies, the last thing you expect is dull, cold weather with temperatures under 10 centigrade after driving north for the premier USN show in Florida.

Is the last thing you expect.. Then to make things worst, the show static had more special colour schemes than I’d seen in a long time.

My Highlights;

F4 Phantom from Tyndall, fabulous display, bringing back floods of fabulous memories. Then teamed up with the A10 and P51 for nice heritage fly past.

A10 from 23rd Wing, made a spirited display, bursting a tyre on landing closing the runway, allowing enough time to get yet another warming drink.

161591 P-3C VP-30 all blue special colour scheme, great sight seeing a big aircraft being being thrown around the dull skies.

Unfortunately the cold and “lack of intravenous coffee keeping us warm” meant leaving early, heading back to the clear skies of Orlando.

Show organisers should have credit for putting together a cracking static and potential brilliant flying display, spoilt by the weather…

This is my best set of photos from a very bad mix……….. sorry!!