Red Flag 2010-3 at Nellis AFB 22nd Feb to 6th March 2010

Participating Units


Red Air

64th AGRS from Nellis   F-16

65th AGRS from Nellis   F-15


Blue Air



7th Fighter Squadron from Holloman    F-22



28th Bomb Squadron from Dyess  B-1B

77th Fighter Squadron  RAAF   F-18A

VMFA-122 Warewolves from MCAS Beaufort  F-18

4 Squadron from RAF Cottesmore  Harrier GR9



VAQ-209 fromWhidbey Island   EA-6B

41st ECS from Davis Montham   EC-130

55th Fighter Squadron from Shaw AFB   F-16CJ


Command and Control (Only flew night missions)

E-3 from Tinker AFB

E-8 from Robins AFB

RC-135V  from Offutt AFB


Air Refuelling

52 ARW from Fairchild, WashingtonKC-135T

155 ARW from Lincoln, Nebraska  KC-135R


Red Flag Exercises are held 4 times a year at Nellis AFB in Nevada & the purpose of these exercises is to provide aircrew with a near wartime combat experience including live weapons firing before they actually go to war.  Use is made of the vast instrumented ranges north of Nellis AFB & particularly Ranges 74-76. The specially trained agressors of  65th and 64th AGRS flying their F-15s and F-16s are pitched against a package of Fighters and interdiction aircraft supported by SEAD and  Command and Control Aircraft as they attack targets in the ranges. The instrumentation on the ranges, allows for a  complete debriefing after each sortie thus pilots can learn from any mistakes made and improve their capabilities as a consequence

Unfortunately & due to a lack of personne at Nellis, thus  there were no media days for this particular Red Flag, so all photography was taken from outside the base from the Speedway and Cheyenne Avenue locations.