Airshow Static

First visit of the day was to the static lineup for the Blue Angels Show where we saw the following
The Mobile Coast Guard brought along HC-144A 2301 and HU-25A 2127
The Marines displayed AV-8B 166288 from VMA542
Then it was on to the coloured birds from the 100 Years of Naval Aviation
T-45C 165598 from TAW1
T-39N 165523 from based TAW6
TC-12B 161197 from VT-35
T-44A 160984 from VT-31
The following aircraft all came from TAW5 at Whiting Field
T-6B 166064
TH-57C 162264
T-34C 164169 in Coastguard colour
T-34C in Marine colours
Museum Storage Area

While talking to one of the pilots of the TH-57C we were able to persuade him to take us round the Museum Storage Area which was not open to the public where we saw many very interesting aircraft awaiting renovation for the Museum.
The afternoon brought a visit with Public Affairs to TAW6 based at Pensacola and we are indepted to our escort for a very comprehensive visit to all the Navy units based here
First on the line were the T-45Cs of CTW 6 with 6 airframes on the line
Next we went to the T-39Gs and T-39Ns of VT-86 with 10- aircraft on the line
Finally we went to the T-6As of TW-6 who had in excess of 30 aircraft lined up
We were made very welcome throughout our visit and would like to thank the United States Navy and their personel for all their help