RAPCON were lucky to get accreditation to visit New Orleans for the media day prior to the show.  Many thanks to the Public Affairs office who arranged our visit.

Airshow Static
First stop was the static which although quite small contained a variety of aircraft from Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force .

Based Aircraft
FA-18A+ 162866 from VFA-204 River Rattlers in Blue retro scheme
FA-18C 164673 from VFC-12 also in Blue retro scheme.Later took part in MAGTAC demo
VC-35C 165741 from MWHS-4
E-2C+ 164493 from VAW-77 Nightwolves
UC-12W 168204 from VMR-4
UH-1N 158262 from HMLA-773 DetA Nomads
AH-1W 165285 from HMLA-773 DetA Nomads
F-15C 82-0017 from 44th Fighter Squadron
HU-25C 2141 from Corpus Christi Coast Guard
HC-144A 2308 from Miami Coast Guard

There was a combined Marine and Navy assault Demo involving 2 AH-1Ws and 1 UH-1N from HMLA-773 DetA and a 4-ship FA-18 from VFA204 who also used aircraft from VFC-12 in the afternoon.  Ground troops were also involved and the magnificent pyrotehnic display managed to set fire to the airfield.

Flying Display
An MH65C Coast Guard Helicopter from New Orleans

F-16 C 94-0042 from The East Coast Viper Demo Team at Shaw AFB
A Navy Heritage Flight by FA-18F 165926 from VFA-122 and a F-4U-4 Corsair 97143 splendidly marked in the colours of VF-653
The Blue Angels including Fat Albert C-130 who did a spectacular low take-off

VFA 204 River Rattlers Flightline Tour
After the rehersals had finished we were given a ramp tour of VFA-204 flightline which contained 5 FA-18A+ from the home squadron and 2 FA-18Cs from VFC-12. Many thanks to the squadron for arranging this tour

Preserved Aircraft
On base there were several well preserved aircraft to see