Red Flag 13-2 was held at Nellis Air Force Base, starting 21st January 2013 and ending 1st February 2013.

As usual, the Exercise was conducted on the vast instrumented Combat Ranges north of Nellis and was organised by the 414th Combat Training Squadron, Nellis AFB.  It followed the usual pattern of two air forces, The Blue Air Force Package with AWACS, Tankers, Interdiction packages, SEAD assets and accompanying fighters pitched against the Aggressor Squadrons of the Red Air Force. Three ANG Units took part, as well as two US Navy Units and visitors from the Netherlands , Sweden and the United Arab Emirates.  Singapore sent along a unit from Luke AFB as well.


964th AACS, TINKER AFB Oklahoma flying E-3C AWAC Aircraft

22nd ARW, McCONNEL AFB  and 92nd ARW, FAIRCHILD AFB flying KC-135R Tanker aircraft.

125th FS,Tulsa Vipers, OKLAHOMA ANG, Tulsa flying F-16C aircraft

199th FS, 154th FW, HAWAIIAN ANG, HICKMAN JB flying F-22 Aircraft

INTERDICTION was performed by the following

28th BS ,7th OG DYESS AFB flying B-1B Aircraft

96th BS, 2nd OG,Red Devils , BARKSDALE AFB flying B-52H aircraft

389th FS, 366th FW, Thunderbolts, MOUNTAIN HOME AFB, flying F-15E aircraft

VFA 25, Fist of the Fleet,NAS LEMOORE, flying F-18E aircraft

179th FS,Bulldogs,  MINNESOTA ANG,  DULUTH flying F-16C aircraft

 SEAD was performed by the following :-

VAQ-138, Yellow Jackets, NAS WHITBEY ISLAND, flying EA-18G aircraft

480th FS Warhawks, SPANGDALEM AFB flying F-16 aircraft

SEARCH AND RESCUE was performed by :-

66th RQS, 563rd RQG, NELLIS AFB flying HH-60G helicopters

39th RQS, 920th RQW KINGS , PATRICK AFB Florida flying HC-130P aircraft


65th AGRS, NELLIS AFB flying F-15 C/D aircraft representing SU-27 aircraft

64th AGRS, NELLIS AFB flying F-16 C/D aircraft representing Mig 29 aircraft

The Aggressor aircraft fly in a manner that reflects the tactics of former communist countries and unlike other participants, if shot down can regenerate and return to the fight.  Their task is to harass the Blue Force and prevent them from completing their assigned operation.


425th FS, Black Widows, LUKE AFB, representing SINGAPORE AIR FORCE with F-16C/D aircraft

NETHERLANDS AIR FORCE flying F-16AM aircraft

SWEDISH AIR FORCE flying JAS39 Gripen Aircraft

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AIR FORCE flying Mirage 2000-9 aircraft